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Koo Golf is a web and mobile application for Chinese golf enthusiasts (Chinese who reside in North America and tourists from Mandarine speaking countries). Using the app, golf players can create and organize tournaments, book tee times online, and purchase golf vacation packages.

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User Research and Ideation

Kootour Travel pivoted its business to serve the growing demand for golf tourism in China and the company was renamed Koo Golf. According to the research, there are about 1 million golf players in China and it is estimated that the number will increase to 20 million in 2020. Many affluent Chinese travelers are seeking golf tourism while they are visiting abroad as playing golf is expensive in China compared to Western countries.

The original app is in Chinese language, and the language on the UIs of this case study was translated into English.

Understanding User Need

To understand the required features and motivation for using Koo Golf app, I created a user persona. This helped me to implement the main features that users need.

Initial wireframe development
Understanding WeChat, the Super App

With more than one billion monthly active users, people in China use the super-app, the WeChat for everything: paying bills, playing games, shopping groceries, and banking. Believe it or not, even panhandlers in China go cashless by accepting money with QR code transfer via WeChat. WeChat is not limited to people from China. All new Chinese immigrants in North America use WeChat for the same purpose. All our targeted users dwell in WeChat. 
So, I created the splash screens with WeChat login to bring our targeted users onboard.

Product Features and User Interfaces

Koo Golf offers three main features: tee times reservation, organizing tournaments and travel golf packages. The product was promoted using different WeChat channels and the company aimed to create a golf community both for Chinese who live in North America and abroad.

Tee time booking

The language barrier, golf etiquette, and inconvenience in booking preferred tee times from the websites of the golf courses prevent players to fully enjoy the games.


With Koo Golf app, users can reserve popular tee time without wake up during the middle of the night. As selling golf membership is one of the company's business goals, I listed different tee times with original and membership prices by giving users the incentive of getting Koo Golf membership. Tapping the plus sign, users can achieve booking tee times quickly. Plus symbols are good visual cues to know if a tee time is available. Different methods of payment options can be made after logging in using WeChat to book the desired spot.

Golf Packages

Inadequate information on traveling to play golf, language barrier and golf etiquette prevent affluent Chinese golfers to enjoy playing the games in North America where there are better golf courses than mainland China.


With both Koo Golf app and assistance from Koo Golf travel guides, Chinese travelers can enjoy the game they love on their holiday. The cities where the golf courses located are grouped under countries giving users the ability where to look for their favorite destination. A brief description of a city is followed by the golf courses before users browse the golf trip. By tapping the buttons of the menu, users can view the specific information of the trip quickly and effectively. Calling customer service is another option to communicate with Koo Golf if users need to know more information before they book.


Many Chinese golf communities are interested in gathering and playing golf together. Organizing a friendly golf tournament involves a lot of logistics, so they have to spend a huge expense to request a traditional golf tour agent to organize a tournament on behalf and the results were not satisfying.


With the Koo Golf Mobile app, any golf player approved by Koo Golf, can organize a tournament. Single tee time can accommodate four golf players and an organizer can assign a player by dragging the players to the designated tee time. Golf handicap scores and the name of the golf team are the two most important criteria for the organizer to easily assign a tee time. So, I listed them next to players' names. The organizer can edit, and remove each group by tapping the expand button at the upper right-hand corner of each tee time.

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